Comm2A Fights Two New Second Amendment Challenges

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Comm2A, a Massachusetts grassroots civil rights organization, has filed lawsuits against some new laws banning ‘Assault Weapons’ plus a “ban on the possession of Tasers, stun guns, and other electrical weapons.”

Two New Second Amendment Challenges

On January 23rd a lawsuit was filed in federal court challenging the constitutionality of the Massachusetts ban on the possession of so-called ‘assault weapons’. This effort was a joint project between Comm2A, the NRA and GOAL which is also an organizational plaintiff in the suit.

The lawsuit seeks declaratory judgements that the Assault Weapons Ban is an unconstitutional violation of the Second and Fourteenth Amendments; that the “copies or duplicates” language in the July Notice of Enforcement is a retroactive application of a new law in violation of the plaintiffs’ Fourteenth Amendment rights; and that the phrase “copies or duplicates” is also a violation of Fourteenth Amendment because it is unconstitutionally vague. The suit asks the court to enjoin the Commonwealth from enforcing the Assault Weapons Ban.

The Commonwealth has until March 16th to answer the complaint. Worman v. Healey and the Comm2A Leaderboard will be updated as the case develops.

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