Cops, Guns, and A Marriage Proposal! Good Idea?

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Cops, Guns, Marriage Proposal

It’s hard to know what to think about this right off. It’s pretty intense.

Cops Draw Guns On Black Man As Part Of A Wedding Proposal


As the video progresses, we see the onlookers begin to laugh, clap and cheer and the young lady begin to cry, you start to realize that this is actually pretty cool.

Most of the people standing around are obviously in on it. How else would they be there to witness it, some with cameras in hand.


What y’all thought on this !!? 👀🚔 tag Bae and comment below ⬇️⬇️ When you COME OUTSIDE🎯💯❤️️✔️

A video posted by LIL HAITI OH!! OH!! ANALE🇭🇹 (@thereallilhaiti) on

Obviously, this is open to multiple interpretations, but it makes at least a couple questions come to mind right away.


First of all, what kind of connections must this guy have to get two officers, in separate cars, roll up onto the scene together. And he picked two white cops to do it!


I’d like to know what this guys message is. What do you think?

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