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by BigJim Jenness

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Cam Edwards, NRA’s news radio host for “Cam & Company,” joined Dana Loesch to fight back on the latest Brady Campaign, created in an effort to restrict current gun rights. And apparently he wasn’t impressed.

“This kills brain cells without alcohol,” he said about the special interest group’s satirically themed video. “I’d rather have a shot of Basil Hayden than watch this ad.”

“It’s interesting. The big city with the most unintentional, accidental homicides or accidental killings was Chicago, Illinois, where there are no gun stores and there are no gun ranges and JROTC is not in the school system. There’s no way to get education; there’s no way to get training.

“I think, frankly, if we’re talking about protecting kids then I want to see these gun safety advocates start advocating for access to gun safety programs rather than using this for another call for more gun control laws.”

Do you agree with Cam Edwards? Would encouraging firearm education, especially for children, decrease accidental homicides?

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