Docs vs Glocks. Should Your Doctor Ask You?

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There’s been quite a battle raging in Florida for a few years over what has been dubbed “Docs vs Glocks.” A state law was passed in 2011 restricting physicians from talking to their patients about gun safety.

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found that the law does not trespass on patients’ Second Amendment rights to own guns and noted a patient who doesn’t want to be questioned about that can easily find another doctor.

I can’t quite imagine why my doctor would, or should, ever want to talk to me about gun safety. What do you think about restrictions on this type of conversation from your doctor? Do you even think it is possibly a problem? Are some physicians overstepping their bounds?

The ruling did determine that some parts of the law could remain on the books, such as provisions allowing patients to decline to answer questions about guns and prohibiting health insurance companies from denying coverage or increasing premiums for people who lawfully own guns.


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