Is Formal Firearms Training Worth It?

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Training is important in everything we do. A new position or new responsibilities at work will require some new training to gain the knowledge to effectively do your job. A new car or truck makes us consult the owner’s manual or ask lots of questions at the dealership to know how to operate the vehicle properly and access all of it’s features. A new TV remote requires some reading and learning of how to do what you want to do to watch TV these days.


When it comes to owning and operating a firearm training and knowledge are likely more imortant than in any other area of our lives, because our lives could literally depend on us making the  right decisions in a difficult situation. There are good article here and here that talk a little more about this subject.


The Daily Shooter takes a look at the importance and need for formal firearms training.

This video covers some of the reasons why firearms training is a necessity. If your interested in taking a class and you live near the Antelope Valley in Southern California check out the link below.


This video originally appeared here.

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