It’s Gang Violence Not “Gun Violence”

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Gang Violence Not Gun Violence -

The Second Amendment Foundation is trying to counter the anti-gun message in broadcast and print media coverage. It’s not so called “gun violence.” It’s gang violence!

SAF’s Gottlieb to ‘Dominant Media’: ‘It’s gangs, not guns!’ – TheGunMag

SAF looked at broadcast and print media coverage of the past weekend’s slayings and found repeated examples of what SAF considers anti-gun media bias.

SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb said a cursory glance at coverage of Chicago’s mayhem and murder found that USA Today, for example, called the recent slayings of three children ‘an ugly spasm of gun violence’ while acknowledging in the next paragraph that the weekend murders of three children happened because they ‘were caught in gang-related gunfire.’ He said that the guns ‘didn’t pull their own triggers.’

A Chicago Tribune reporter has issued a “humble plea” to Barack and Michelle Obama to “come home and fight the gun violence that plagues Chicago.” The reporter also acknowledged that the killings of children had “likely ties to gang conflicts.’

NBC News reported that anti-gun Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel had met with Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Feb. 13 ‘to discuss federal help to fight gun violence’.”