Hollywood Is Best Advertiser Gun Makers Have

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Ironic that the self-involved condescending people in Hollywood, who incessantly preach to us about gun control are the best advertisers the gun companies can have.


Gun Manufacturers: Why Pay for Advertisements When Hollywood Pushes Our Guns for Free – Breitbart

A feature story published Friday in the The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the manufacturers of many popular guns do not worry about advertising their products because they know Hollywood will advertise for them, often for free.

This may come as a shock to many who accustomed to associated Hollywood with gun control, especially considering the anti-gun tweets of Julianne Moore, Cher, Chris Rock, John Legend and Adam Lambert. Not to mention the anti-gun PSAs of Alec Baldwin and Michael Douglas, the gun control rants of Liam Neeson and Matt Damon, and the praise Bradley Cooper, Will Ferrell, and 98 other celebrities heaped on President Obama for his January 5, 2016, executive gun controls. And we cannot forget director Harvey Weinstein’s pledge to make an anti-gun movie that he said will make the NRA “wish they weren’t alive.”

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