Rocker Thought Loaded Gun On A Plane Was OK

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Rick Derringer Carries Loaded Gun Onto Pane -

Rick Derringer performs at a campaign rally, 2006. (AP Photo/Rob Carr) 

Legendary Guitarist Rick Derringer was found to have a loaded pistol in his carry-on bag when returning from Cancun. He thought it was OK because he has a permit for it. The person that missed the gun when Derringer traveled from Florida has been fired.

Rocker Rick Derringer: I thought loaded gun on a plane was OK


ATLANTA (AP) — Rock guitarist Rick Derringer carried a loaded gun in his carry-on bag on a Delta Air Lines flight from Cancun, Mexico, but was stopped after landing in Atlanta and now faces a criminal charge, authorities said.

Derringer told a federal air marshal that he flies 30 to 50 times per year with the gun in his carry-on bag, and has never had a problem, a court affidavit states.

Days earlier, the musician had also managed to pass through security with the gun at a Florida airport on his way to Mexico, the court records say. And an airport official in Mexico told The Associated Press Friday that authorities must investigate what happened at the Cancun airport.

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