Should All Women Be Armed?

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You Bet


So Says the author of this article. There really aren’t any good arguments against a woman not being armed. Other than a choice not to be. It is a personal choice after all. And coercion should not be used to get a woman to carry a gun any more than it should be to keep a woman from carrying one.

Do All Women Need To Be Armed? American Handgunner

Many women may believe they can’t become a proficient shooter and those activities are primarily a guy thing. Some women might say a man carries a gun so he can feel tough and not have to back down from any confrontation. And they would be wrong. It’s just the opposite. When I carry, I’m Mr. Emily Post. Being polite but confident can reduce the chances you’ll need to use your gun and your de-escalation efforts will play better for you in court. Further, superior upper-body strength is not necessary to align the sights and press the trigger, or for anything else related to becoming effective with a firearm.

As any firearms instructor will tell you, most women make better students than most men. Typically women don’t arrive for the first lesson believing they know all sorts of things and already can do everything right. They’re there to learn something new and keep their minds open for it. Learn something here gents.

When women make the decision to take their own safety into their own hands they are practicing what I think is the most important thing that any person can do… Personal Responsibility.