What Is Your Home Defense Strategy?

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It’s long been debated as to what is the best strategy for defending your home. Is it a pistol. Or is a shotgun better?

More and more people are using a Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) as their means of home defense.

Setting Up a Home-Defense MSR – Guns & Ammo

The short 16 1/8th-inch barrel on the Savage MSR 15 Patrol makes it well suited for the task of home defense.

One sure way to liven up a day at the range is to ask a group of shooters what they think is the best weapon for home defense. For years, that argument was divided into two camps: the pistol crowd and the shotgun crowd.

What’s Best Proponents of the pistol for home defense argue its compactness and maneuverability, whereas the shotgunners argue stopping power and “fudge factor” when aiming, as it’s a little harder to miss, even when stressed, when you’re sending a cloud of projectiles downrange out of a long gun.

In the past few years, however, a third point of view has steadily been growing in popularity—that of the rifle as the best home defense weapon. Specifically, we’re talking about the AR-15 platform and the .223/5.56mm cartridge.


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