When Someone Become Mentally Incapable Of Carrying A Gun

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Seniors, Dementia and Guns - CarryMyGun.com

by Chuck Klein

This is a really good commentary on what can be done when someone becomes “mentally unstable or incompetent to purchase or carry a loaded firearm.” This is an important subject that needs to be talked about and studied more by anyone who believes in an individual’s right to carry a firearm.

Guest Commentary: SENIORS, DEMENTIA & GUNS – TheGunMag

This is not about “crazy” people, but regular, decent, law-abiding citizens who develop age-related mental challenges. Case in point: Not long ago, I learned a life-long friend was experiencing symptoms of dementia (Alzheimer’s disease). I have talked with this person on the phone every day for the past 20-plus years and before that on a very regular basis dating back to high school. An esoteric phone call to his wife confirmed my suspicions; he was developing serious memory difficulties. Because we live over an hour apart, I needed a plan as he not only has a license to carry a concealed firearm, but does so every day.

During one of our daily phone conversations, I recommended we meet for lunch. In mentioning restaurants, it was clear he was having trouble remembering how to drive to the locations. I volunteered to pick him up. Once seated at the eatery and the small talk out of the way, I suggested we play the old game of “what would you do if…” I had developed a situational mental game in my mind over the past few days to learn if my friend remembered the lessons learned from his concealed carry class—taken over ten years ago. I ran this scenario by him…

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